TCP send buffer maximum size?

Hi all,

What is the maximum size of the TCP send buffer size?

If i tried to send the data buffer size greater than 17K, wavecom responds as error with error number “-992” which means “No more TCP buffers available”.

Does any one sent the data buffer greater than 17K to the server? Please help me…


Q: How can you eat a whole whale?
A: One bite at a time! :laughing:

You should adopt the same approach…

Hi Awneil,

Thanks for the reply.

You are right. But the “bite at a time” is varied according to whom eat?

For eample, you eat a small bit (100 gram) at a time, but your friend may eat more than you( >100gram) … :laughing:
Right, just i want to know maximum size of the TCP send buffer at a time? :question: