Tcp/ip for ftp server :data in real time;


hallo sir

We are presently devloping project using Wavecom module modele:Q24 Extended/Plus.
As we are using GPRS/FTP At-Commands for sending data to our server,At present 8 bit Microcontroller we are using in this Project.
->Our requirement is to send data ,(only few Kilo byte) to server when server asked for data.
But using FTP our requirement is not meeting .
Another question is as GPRS is not having STATIC IP ID, so server can’t send request to particular module. As our project going to utilise few thousands of
module… and to communicate to all this is becoming difficult till there is some hand-shake between serwer and individual module(wavecom)
Quiry 3-> Is any other method is avaliable, so that above stated requirement can be fulfilled?
Quiry 4-> How much BandWidth is utilised for GPRS to server while making to connection?
Quiry 5-> Is it possible to continuosly make connection to sever using gprs if yes then how?

I hope you will provide some solution to the addressed problem

Raj kumar


If you don’t want to buy a static IP address from your provider, then it must be the module which contacts the server, not the other way around. What you can do is:

  • have the server send an SMS to the module, requesting the data whenever it needs them;
  • in response to the SMS, have the module:[list]
    [*]connect to GPRS,
  • then upload requested data through FTP to the server (it works because here it’s the module which contacts the server, not the other way around),
  • then finally close the FTP session and the GPRS link.


An afterthough: if you want to save the price of an SMS, the server might also contact the module with an unanswered call.