Hi all,
I’m using Fastrack 20 (R74_00gg.FSU005) with ethernet board
I can use only one local tcp port to go on internet through a firewall, then I use the WIP_COPT_PORT parameter on open the TCP channel with the specified port (wip_TCPClientCreateOpts) .
First time everything work well. The client is created and data are trasmitted.
After closing the channel with wip_close function (I also use the finalizer callback function), subsequent calls to the function wip_TCPClientCreateOpts return a valid Channel but the event handler function return immediately a -991 error : WIP_CERR_PORT_IN_USE.
The manual says that with wip_Close all resources are freed.

Any ideas ?


An update: after about 5 minutes, the port is released by the system and can be reused …


does this also happen if you restart (eg close, wait for event and then start) the bearer?


If I restart the bearer the port is free, but with my application I can’ t close the bearer; I need to make some concurrent connection .