Talon WiFi IOT card issue on FX30S

Hello All,
We are trying to bring up the Talon Wi-Fi IOT card on FX30S NBIOT (hosting a WP7702 module in it). However, we are unable to bring it up despite following the steps (e.g. change in the /etc/network/interfaces file and even making the changes in the tiwifi script to disable the GPIO expander). My question for this forum is:

  1. Has someone able to successfully bring up the Talon Wi-Fi with FX30S NBIOT (WP7702)? I could see a lot of posts on other modules (e.g. FX30 with 3G or LTE (7607), but none on WP7702).
  2. The WiFi LED on the Talon IOT card remains in orange color. What does that signify?
  3. As the IOT card is inside the shielded FX-30 (and we don’t have an external antenna but only the built in antenna), can it be due to poor Wi-Fi signal inside the FX30 casing?

Looking forward to hearing from all you experts!!

Ravinder Singh

Hi Ravinder,
What version of FX30 firmware are you running?

We haven’t added support for the Talon wifi card to the FX30 stock image so you’ll need to add the files manually. Take a look at the App note for the 3G to get started.
If you’re using the mangoh script, it won’t work but you can grab the firmware image file from there.