Stable Gateway who not suck? (+VoIP?)

I tried to use some European Products and I dont care what Chipset the used but when the Train goes up to 230khp (who is very slow) the Gateways drive insane and find not Network anymore.
The same for a longer Tunnel after that no Signal even my Phone show me a full Bar.

So what I looking for is:
a) Cellphone Voice Call -> VoIP not Analogue Phone Port
b) Stable SW who support the use onboard Trains the have contentious Internet.
c) Disable, Disallow 2G Connection to use only 3G, LTE Connection
d) Fast and relayable connection on fast Trains. There Wifi Connection suck a lot. With my Phone the Connection is more stable and faster. So I want to Stream IP Data over LTE and need a Stable Connection.
I saw about VPN Tunnel. Its possible that the Gateway establish a VPN Connection?

Thanks for interesting in our products. From your requirement I can introduce Vehicle Networking gateway AirLink® MP70.:

  • Offers high performance vehicle area network (VAN)
  • LTE-A Pro (CAT12) supporting 600Mbps/150Mbps (DL/UL) performance
  • LTE-A Pro and LTE-M/NB-IoT variants for global deployments, and extended coverage
  • Offering up to 5 concurrent VPN sessions
  • Dual-Band Wi-Fi (optional) for Access Point and/or Wi-Fi WAN
  • Network management in the cloud or in the enterprise data center
  • Ethernet and Dual-Serial to connect legacy equipment
  • GNSS for precision location tracking
  • Remote, secure network management in the cloud or in the enterprise

Currently, our gateway has not supported VoIP yet
You also might be interested in other vehicle networking gateways at link
Please feel free to share any concerns. Help us tick Solution if your question is answered

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