SPI and I2C slave operation


Does the Wavecom Wireless Quick Q2687 support
SPI and I2C slave mode operation?

This is a quote from the Customer Design Guide rev 2.0:
“Each SPI bus is a master of its own and may be configured independently as 3-wire or 4-wire serial interface.”
Page 32 (PDF-File) Section

This is a quote from the Product Technical Specification:
“The I2C bus is always master.”
Page 34 (PDF-File) Section 3.4.2.

The confusion is:
There is no unambiguous statement in the scope of one single document that completely describes the capability and possible setups of the three serial interfaces.
There are some indications for the interfaces to handle the master roll only, as all serial-clock-pins are declared to be outputs.

Thank you!

michael rauls


Unfortunately, the SPI (which is all I’ve tested) is master only.

Never tried the I2C as a slave - only used it as a Master.

ciao, Dave