Specifics for enabling Cisco 819 to recognize replacement MC7354


Can anyone tell me specifically why cisco 819 will not recognize a MC7354 replacement modem i purchased on ebay? What needs to be programmed or what is going on here…?
Modem works on a usb adapter stick and I have been loading it with the .spk file from the router’s NVRAM files. I also am trying to find any differences using AT commands to compare the ebay 7354 to the stock cisco 819 7354…
Every time i fire up the cisco 819 with the ebay MC7354, it gives me all 0’s or blank for the 'Show Cell 0 all" command and says cell0 not ready. What is the fix??

I have been on a quest to program a Cisco 819 router to connect to T-Mobile Network. Before I play around with the configuration on my recent purchase of a Cisco 819 of the “MNA” variety that comes with a MC7354, I wanted to get the settings for the SW MC7354 card correct with a spare modem card that i purchased on ebay.

Anyone know the issue, and hopefully the fix??