Simultaneous analog + i2s digital BC127 output


I’m wondering if it’s possible to output both an analog and digital signal (i2s) from the BC127. I’ve poured over the manual and I see that I can output i2s to my MCU, but can I do that while outputting a stereo analog signal? I see that I can have multiple connections to the BC127, but multiple outputs? I haven’t purchased the BC127 yet but I think it would fit my use case – I’m looking to stream music from my iphone but also use the MCU to run an FFT analysis on the signal coming into the BC127 using the i2s signal. I’ll also be sending commands from the phone to the BC127, but unrelated to this question.

Thank you!


Pretty sure you can only route a stream to a single interface, manually routing streams is done with the ‘route’ command and this only has two link ID’s available (be they profile or hardware interface).