Simple question, i think

using the new wip libraries, after establishing an ip connection (gprs), how does one display the given ip address of the modem (q24pl001)?

Hi wavelet,

You can use the wip_bearergetOpts () API and retrieve the IP address.

For instance,

ascii IpAddr[16];
wip_in_addr_t appIpAddr;
wip_bearerGetOpts(Br_Id, WIP_BOPT_IP_ADDR, &appIpAddr, WIP_BOPT_END); //This API provides IP in network format (i.e u32 number)
wip_inet_ntoa(appIpAddr , IpAddr, 16); //This API converts the u32 IP address to a dotted notation IP address.

Where Br_Id is the wip_bearer_t structure associated with the bearer that you have opened.

The IP address in this case, would be present in the IpAddr [] array which can then be printed out.

Best Regards,
Open AT Fan.[/code]

works great, thanks