Sim not inserted in ws6318


I have WS6318, when i try to read any thing from sim it return +cms error 310 “sim not inserted”, also sim-vcc dose not generate any voltage, i have sim with 6 pins, i connected them direct to Ws6318, without protection diodes, and left simpress open do i need to make simpress pulled down or pulled up to make sim-vcc output voltage


SIMPRES must be pulled up to 2V8 for the SIM to be detected.


so i need to connect simpress to 2.8v pin from Ws6318 directly, or i need out source 2.8v


There is a VCC_2V8 output from the WS6318 that you can use.


thank you very much tomridl, i want to ask anther question do i need to connect both ESDA6V1SC6, and DALC208SC6 in order to make sim seen as inserted


Those components are for Transient Voltage suppression and are not madatory, however they are recommended, especially if you are going to be touching the SIM card. Any ESD spikes into the SIM pins can permanently damage them if you don’t have some sort of ESD protection. ESD protection is also mandatory for certain approvals, so if you intend selling product in a country that requires approvals, make sure you meet the requirements.


why connection of simpress tied to sim_Vcc is not written in datasheet? :smiling_imp:


sure, IT is can not notice on PTS. The simpress is Optional (by at command)


how the simpress is optional and you need to tie it to VCC


i tried to connect simpress to vcc_2v8 and still sim_vcc dose not generate vcc it output zero v


plz can any one draw to me actual connection between ws6318 and sim holder for 6 pins


it is working thanks to every one :smiley:


Hi Guys,

Even I’m getting sim_vcc =0V, can you tell me how you connected the 6pins? Also whether sim_vcc voltage which switch or it will remain high continuously. I have connected SIM_PRES to Vcc_2v8 and when my WS module gets ON ,SIM_Vcc gets some voltage for a fraction of second, Am I going right?? Help me out.


you must solder all sim holder pin and insert sim to get voltage at sim_vcc, plz don’t hesitate to ask any question


Dear Ahmed,

AM also facing same problem, sim_vcc voltage coming for fraction of second and going down. am using 6pin for simcard and SIM_PRES is conneted to VCC_2V8.
Still am getting response of SIM not getting detected can you help me how did u resolve this issue ?