Sierra Wireless Aircard 760s connection dropping out

It’s no secret smartphone and tablet speakers are bad. You just can’t get very good sound out of a small, flat object designed to fit in your pocket. Fortunately, you don’t have to rely on your smartphone or tablet to put out sound when you’re on the go. Portable Bluetooth speakers are the best way to bust out the jams wirelessly when you can’t carry around your entire sound system, which is pretty much all the time.

Thanks to integrated Bluetooth, the speakers here work with Android, iOS, and, well, any Bluetooth-enabled device, including most laptops and desktops. Also, they don’t require a Wi-Fi network, making them much more flexible than Apple-only AirPlay speakers. Still, there are a few things to consider when picking a Bluetooth speaker.
Hi, Im having some problems with my sierra aircard 760s. I’ve been using this modem for a year now and have never had too much trouble with the connection until now. I use it mainly for playing video games because there is no adsl cable to my house so it’s all i can use. I have an external antenna connected and get about 4 bars of 3g service. About 3 days ago the connection just started to drop out all the time but it only seems to on my playstation 3. I cant even play more than 1 minute anymore!! Is there any way i can stop this from happening? Please Help! Smiley Happy
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I am having a same issue but no one is answering. Have you got any solution?