Sending Mail trough GMail account

Hi, I need to send email by smtp trough a Gmail account, but I need SSL (?) does someone have sample, help, doc or something else to begin? Or better, know a free smtp server who no need SSL TSL or other security stuff?? thk



Check out the Security plug in. It’s supposed to supply SSL functionality to the WIP library.

Haven’t used it yet…do don’t know how it goes!

ciao, Dave

OK thk, where to find WIP en Security plugin documentation?

inside the document folders of said plugins

You better find some other e-mail server. They are usually free and without this weird SSL stuff. Sending e-mail is complicated enough to mess with SSL and security plug-in.

Do you have some usefull adresses for me :slight_smile: please ?

Sorry but only useful adresses of free mail hosters I know are in Russia :slight_smile: I can give adresses to you but you better google for them in your country. There are plenty of free mail providers…