Schematic for EM DEV KIT_6000647

Where can I get a schematic and a BOM for the EM DEV KIT_6000647. I have searched and found nothing.



You need to ask your distributors for the schematics, the BOM’s we tend not to hand out but ask you disti and they may be able to work something out.




I am looking for the same information as Tony, i.e. schematic and BOM for the EM DEV KIT_6000647. My distributor (Future Electronics) told me that they can’t provide those and that I had to redirect my request to Sierra Wireless…

The schematic and BOM of the development kit would be useful for the evaluation and as a reference for the integration of a Sierra Wireless cellular module being considered for one of our products.

Schematic and BOM used to be provided in Sierra Wireless’ Quick Start Guides (e.g. “AirPrime MC Series Dev Kit Quick Start Guide”, document # 2130705, Rev 2). Why is it so difficult, now, to get them? Is it because Sierra Wireless is concerned about designers blindly copying and pasting the dev kit design into their own without appropriate analysis, modification and validation? If that is the reason, a general disclaimer could be all what is required…

So despite the fact that Sierra Wireless “tend not to hand out” those items anymore, please consider providing me (and ideally all customers) access to the schematic and BOM of the EM DEV KIT_6000647.

Best regards.


Future should not have said that, they can raise a ticket with us to get that information.