RV50x Aleos Configuration for MODBUS

Hi everyone, I’m not a “MODBUS” person so please bear with me. I have a serial device with data in registers 1 and 2 that I need to read. When I navigate to
ALEOS RV50X ( /Serial/RS232 Configuration/MODBUS/General option I’m presented with Address Entry of “0=:0” which I don’t understand. I’ve entered “1” and “000001” as the address that I need to read and both have failed with an Error. I cannot find a place in the documentation that explains what this is expecting.

Any help is appreciated.

Hi @heath

To add a Modbus Address:

  1. In ACEmanager, go to Serial > RS232 Configuration > MODBUS.
  2. Under Address List, click Add More.
  3. Enter the Index number, an equal sign, and the IP address. For example:
    10= (decimal)
    0xA= (hex) Prefix 0x to hex numbers.
    Note: The range for index numbers is 0–255 (decimal) or 0x0–0xFF (hex). The Modbus address list accepts up to 100 entries. Including the port number after the IP address is optional. If you include the port number, separate the port number and IP address by a colon.
    For example:

Please refer to page 311 in the AirLink RV50/RV50X Software Configuration Guide for more details.

You can get this document at here AirLink RV50/RV50X Software Configuration Guide

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Thanks for the information. What is the “IP address” that I would set this too? My server ip address? the unit ip address?


Hi @heath

Yes, the IP address here is your server ip address.


Thanks, so I added my modbus register and my ip like 1=198.178.xxx.xxx:80 to the unit but it’s not report or sending any data, any other ideas that might help.

Hi @heath ,
Have you set “startup mode default” for Serial port. If not, please refer below image for more detail

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Yes, I’m curious what is the RV50 sending to the IP Address? it is a post request to that server ip? Is there something special required to communicate?

Hi @heath ,
Let try to set log level to debug for RS232 serial to see which contents the gateway sends.

The log shows like this

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