Retrieve Content-Length from HTTP Response

Yes awneil, you’re right !

On my side, the “Content-Length” field was actually always present, in the responses sent by the server.
This is why it runs properly for me (see my lastest posts).

But, i would like to known more about the HTTP protocol, because i don’t know very well “chunked” encoding, what it’s purpose, and what it bring about ?! Then, Do you know a powerful HTTP topic awneil on the web which explain this subject ?


Note : i find the RFC but it’s not really easy to read ! :wink:

It’s not that bad!

You really need to have that to hand as your basic reference - don’t just trust anything you see on the web… :open_mouth:

But take a look at Jim Marshall’s HTTP Made Really Easy - A Practical Guide to Writing Clients and Servers

You might also want to look at his tutorials on Sockets: … ckets.html … nsock.html