Restart always after 30 - 35 minutes

Hy guys,

I have an GL6100 runnning an application that has a running TCP/IP server and also uses the FCM service…
The aplication takes a packet of data from TCP/IP …forwards it on serial interface, waits for a response from an equipment and forwards the response back over the TCP/IP.

The problem is that i had some reading errors and first i made my application to recalculate the CRC field of the packet in both directions and send a code on serial interface if a problem occurs.
I connected on the serial network with a terminal emulation software and i log in a text files all the “conversation”. I observed a Reboot from exception and then i put a time stamp on this to see if it appears on regular intervals. And this is exactly what happens…at aprox 35 minutes I get a restart.

I don’t know what happens…some guidance? Maybe i don’t free some memory or i don’t know…something related to TCP channel or the FCM service that i’m not doing right ?

Thanks in advance

You may be running out of memory. Probably a memory leak somewhere.

You can try to use adl_errSubscribe(…) to see if this is the case.