Restart after reconnecting to GPRS network

I am using OpenAT 3.12 with firmware 6.57 and WIPlib 2.00.12.
My application opens socket to the server. Everything is working fine until I disconnect antenna and after that reconnect it.
Problem is that most of the time everything is fine and the application can send data to socket and it is also received in server.
But sometimes after reconnecting the antenna the modem restarts and I get trace “UPLINK_REALLOC : non corresponding TLLI”.

Has somebody any idea why this is happening?

Hi Valdur,

I have a similar problem. i’m using module Q2686 and Q2687, with HTTP librairy and my application open connection, close it, restart it… everything fine most of the time. But, sometimes module also restarts when doing a GPRS connection. i’m currently unable to reproduce the problem in debug mode. So, may be you can tell me after which function you have this trace : “UPLINK_REALLOC : nno coresponding TLLI”.
Perhaps, since your post, you have solved the problem ?

Please keep me inform.

If somebody already have this experience, don’t hesitate to post a reply !

thank in advance.


I have a similar problem, and I also don’t know how to solve…