I am facing problem with tcp socket.
a) Under what conditions Socket error will occur ? what are all the possible cases.
b) When memory overflows ,will Socket error occur ?

Please help me as soon as possibele.

Thanks in advance,

If the Server is closed or ur IP is wrong or UR port No is wrong. Then you’ll get the WIP_CEV_ERROR event.

It is difficult to specify ever scenario resulting in socket error. In general, a network disorder, breaking of the pipe (TCP/IP channel), wrong checksum calculations, etc… usually result in a socket error. In fact, if you go through the TCP/IP RFC, you can see that there are lots of error codes that are generated from either of the peers connected over the socket.

Usually memory overflows do not result in socket errors. If you are using WIP library and you are receiving WIP_CEV_ERROR event, then you can use the wip_getOpts () function to retrieve the corresponding error code. Each WIP_CEV_ERROR event is associated with a error number which has been described in the user guide. So, on receiving an error event, you can use wip_getOpts () API to check the error code. Refer to WIP user guide for more details.