You really need to isolate two issues here:

  1. Using UART2
  2. The sirf module

Only when you’re sure that you understand both, and have both working, should you try to join them together!

If you’re not sure about the sirf module, then start by sending it commands “manually”, and watching the responses, in hypoterminal (or whatever)

I use minicom anyway it should be very similar, could you please explain me how to switch from uart1 to uart2?

I mean to talk with the sirf module which is on uart2 via minicom/hyperterminal…

you need to disconnect it from the Wavecom device completely, and just use your preferred terminal emulator.

The problem is that the sirf module is embedded, I am waiting for some support for the company that sold it to us, but in the meantime as they are a little bit “slow” I am doing some testing on my own.

We are already working very well with the fastrack+c-gps (eride) one but I wanted to test also this one as this device has the embedded battery which the fastrack is missing.

Do you know or could you suggest any other device with an embedded battery and gps module?