Q2501 AT+ADC? PA_TEMP temperature

Hello Everybody,
I’m trying to measure temperetare of the q2501 module(OpenAT 3.10), couse I’m afraid the module overheats.
The AT_Commands_Interface_Guide_for_X55_release_rev002.pdf manual states that on q2501 command AT+ADC? provides a responce:
PA_TEMP stands for Power amplifier temperature, thats what I want, but the manual dosn’t tell how to interpret the value of PA_TEMP.
On my q2501 module AT+ADC? gave me:
+ADC: 4340,15,3077,927
+ADC: 4240,15,3077,1054
+ADC: 4240,15,3077,1061
How do I make temperature from 927 or 1054 or 1061?
Dividing the numbers by 1024 as for ADC_AUX gives numbers(~0.9-1) that don’t make sense.
Thanks reading this.

It tells you how to interpret the value as an input voltage to the ADC.

Does the Q2501 Datasheet tell you how this voltage relates to temperature?

I don’t know whether it is documented or not ( my guess is not ), but just check the AT+WGPSCONF=2 at command, there is a nice temperature value in the answer.


File Q2501B-PTS.pdf tells: “Features…Internal sensor for module temperature monitoring via AT commands…”

and no detailed information.

Thank you!
It is documented in in GPS_Specific_AT_commands_for_GPS_Management_rev006.pdf. The command reports temperature in Celsius degrees, very convenient.