Q2403A to Q2406A

:confused: Hi,
I have been using Q2403A modules for a number of years.I have a “MASTER” flash dump which has default IMEI and all sim defaults.
I can send this full flash to any Q2403A module and effectively “clone” it. After that I can set IMEI and other parameters. Now that Q2403’s are no longer available i am using Q2406A’s for my application. However if I take the flash read from a new Q2406 with all defaults, and dump it into another Q2406A, results “BAD SOFTWARE”.
It appears each modules flash is unique to that module and wont work in another.
Could someone please explain to me what makes each modules software unique.

for example the gpios are not located in the same adress.


Can anyone help me with acquiring the DWLwin software and all neccesary firmares for Q24xx series.