'Problems' view empty after build failure

A build just completed, with nothing at all shown in the ‘Problems’ view.

Rather naively, I took this to mean that there were no problems, and tried to download - DS told me that the image was already on the device.

So I looked at the Console view, and it showed that the build had, in fact, failed:

It would be really useful if the ‘Problems’ view gave a positive indication of when a build completes without problems!

OK, noticed for this one.
Problems view is populated thanks to error parsers, which are probably not perfect… However you can enhance them by adding regular expressions allowing to catch errors which are not caught by the default integrated ones.
Just go to: Window > Preferences > C/C++ > Build
In the Error Parsers list, select the one you’re interested (e.g. here the Link error parser for ARM/MinGW GCC), and from there you can customize the regular expressions.

However, we’ll integrate something to match with the error you’ve reported, so keep on warning us when a compilation/link error is not caught by the parsers!