Problems starting GPRS Bearer


I have a problem initializing and starting a GPRS Bearer.
I work with a Fasttrack Extend EDGE (FXT 009)
I have this Code from a example of Sierra Wireless but it doesn´t work:

#include “adl_global.h”
#include “generated.h”
#include “wip.h”

/* bearer handle */

/* bearer events handler */
wip_bearer_t myBearer;

/* bearer events handler */
void myHandler ( wip_bearer_t br, s8 event, void context )
switch( event) {
/IP connectivity we can start IP application from here/
TRACE((1,“GPRS connected”));
/stop IP application/
TRACE((1,“GPRS disconnected”));
other events: */
/cannot start bearer: report error to higher levels/

/* initialize and start GPRS bearer */
bool myConnectToGPRS( void)
/* open bearer and install our event handler */
if( wip_bearerOpen( &myBearer, "GPRS", myHandler, NULL) != 0) {
/* cannot open bearer */
	TRACE((1,"bearer open error"));
return FALSE;

/* configure GPRS interface */
if( wip_bearerSetOpts ( myBearer,
WIP_BOPT_END) != 0) {

/* cannot configure bearer */
wip_bearerClose( myBearer);
TRACE((1,"set bearer options error"));
return FALSE;
/* start connection */
if(wip_bearerStart(myBearer) != 0) {
/* cannot start bearer */
wip_bearerClose( myBearer);
return FALSE;
/* connection status will be reported to the event handler */
return TRUE;


void main ( void )

What is the problem?
Do I need some dirvers etc.?

I have a SIM Card of with access to the Internet.

-“Developer Studio”,“”
-“Open AT Embedded Software Suite package”,“”
-“Open AT OS Package”,“”
-“Firmware Package”,“”
-“WIP Plug-in Package”,“”

Lot of thanks

Try to create the http-example project (File -> new Project -> Open AT … and select the WIP-Plugin).
It creates also a “ethernet driver” project. Dunno if thats necessary, but at least the http-example works^^


i have created a new project with the wip Plugin package and a Http client from Developer Studio.
Now I get an error : WIP_CEV_ERROR -993.
Another error is [WIP] CID not found [5]

I tried also to combine my code for the GPRS Bearer (see post above) with the ethernet driver but ist doesn´t work, too.

I think my problem is very simple but I don´t get an idea :confused:

the http example from the dev studio works for sure, its the base of my project too
dont touch the driver project, just let it do whatever it does :smiley:

did you lookup what -993 means in the WIP_OPEN_AT_IP_Connectivity_Guide.pdf? :wink:
You can find it somewhere in your dev studio folder. (Use strg+f, when you are in the folder)

it seems it works :smiley:

I had a wrong internet adress.

Thanks a lot for your help.

Now I have other questions:

Can I build a permanent internet connection over GPRS or is that impossible?
For starting the application on the Modem without a PC i need a Microcontroller or such device right?


GPRS isn´t a permanent connection (packet orientated and not connection orientated…), but you can use it to be 24/7/365 online :smiley:
(search my posts for the connection managment ive done in the context of http-polling)
the advantage is, that you pay only what you send and not for the time you are connected.
if you want to have a truly permanent connection, which has to be paid per second and not per mb, you need to use the data call… csd or something like that is the shortcut for it

but i dunno what your FXT 009 can “stand alone”… so maybe it allready is a microcontroller (too) or you need one :smiley:

Not at all - once AT+WOPEN=1 has been set, the Open-AT application starts automatically when the modem starts.