Problem with sending data over a data call when wopen=1


Dear colleagues,

if you can give me some advise in this one it will surely be highly appreciated.

I have made an openat application based on sample Secured Control.

When I run the application (at+wopen=1) in modem A.
and try to connect to the Modem A from a second modem ModemB. (csd connection with atdxxxxx)

I get the standard message

Connected 9600

but in ModemA when I write ascii characters I see them in my monitor while they should appear in the remote

and in ModemB when I write ascii chars I don’t see them but they don’t appear either in the remote monitor (modemA)

When the application is closed (at+wopen=0) the modemA receives the call – Connected 9600 (msg) – and everything works normal. The data appear in the remote part.

My guess is that when the application is running there is a preparser that receives the csd data and doesn’t send it in the serial to appear in the pc.

Is it the safeCMD subscription of securedControl? If I disabled it, is it going to work correctly with csd calls? Do you have any idea?

Thank you for any advice



Is it an fcm problem?

Why the application receives the data instead of sending them to the uart1?

I didn’t do any fcm suscription, or at least I think. Is this the default behaviour? The data flow to be handled by the application?

Or maybe Multiapp made some fcm subsriptions that I couldn’t find?

Please help how can I direct the data flow to the uart?


I continued my question in FCM section: … php?t=1078