Problem with data flow under RTE

Hi there,

I am using OpenAT v2.10. It seems if running the program in RTE it will get execption whenever FCM data flow is becoming fast. Any improvement with OpenAT 3 ?

to wallace:


I also experienced problem in Open At 3.01, but maybe not the same one,
because i remember something else in 2.1, but i don’t know exactly what.

I think FCM problem occures, when the data handler receive
x bytes and before the handler return new bytes arrive to it.

You should use a big buffer, and with the data handler
you only write that. And you start a timer to process the data, or
if the data is continous you can use a cyclic timer to see if new
bytes arrived.

I still recommend using the latest Open At, because it has fewer bugs. (maybe)


Thanks Tom.

But the exception occur just when I try to transfer data by pasting data to the TE’s Data window, before waking my data handler.

Now I have installed OpenAT3.01. Yet I got > 40 errors and >100 warnings when compiling my v2.10 source codes :cry:

Had to spend some more time for the porting…

There is a porting guide between the V2.10 and 3.01 did some one send it to you ?

Yes, I have this guide. Thanks.