Problem to build system image with yocto


I try to regenerate a system image with yocto from a previous project I’m not really aware of and for which I miss some documentation and I don’t know yocto…

The system image is based on … xdist9x15/.

This image also embed an application and declares using some components notably dnsmasq.
When I try to build it, I get the following error:

ERROR: Function failed: dnsmasq: LIC_FILES_CHKSUM points to an invalid file: /home/me/yocto/build_bin/tmp/work/armv7a-vfp-neon-poky-linux-gnueabi/dnsmasq/2.71-r0/dnsmasq-2.71/COPYING
ERROR: Logfile of failure stored in: /home/me/yocto/build_bin/tmp/work/armv7a-vfp-neon-poky-linux-gnueabi/dnsmasq/2.71-r0/temp/log.do_configure.27079
Log data follows:
| DEBUG: Executing python function sysroot_cleansstate
| DEBUG: Python function sysroot_cleansstate finished
| DEBUG: Executing shell function do_configure
| DEBUG: Shell function do_configure finished
| DEBUG: Executing python function do_qa_configure
| NOTE: Checking autotools environment for common misconfiguration
| DEBUG: Python function do_qa_configure finished
| ERROR: Function failed: dnsmasq: LIC_FILES_CHKSUM points to an invalid file: /home/me/yocto/build_bin/tmp/work/armv7a-vfp-neon-poky-linux-gnueabi/dnsmasq/2.71-r0/dnsmasq-2.71/COPYING
ERROR: Task 1446 (/home/me/yocto/meta-openembedded/meta-networking/recipes-support/dnsmasq/, do_configure) failed with exit code '1'

I tried to look at other components of ‘recipes-support’ to see if I can find some COPYING file somewhere and I didn’t find any, despite they are declared in bb files.
So why does yocto complains about these files for dnsmasq.

Anyway I’ve downloaded the dnsmasq 2.71 archive, found COPYING and COPYING-V3 files, verified that the md5 is the same and copied it in dnsmasq or dnsmasq/files but with success!!

So what does this error mean and how to solve it please?


Hi Al,
Which target are you building for?

Hello Chris,

Sorry for the late reply, I had problems with my account.

I’m trying to build an image for the FX30 gateway.

The package you’re trying to build is for the stock WP85 and isn’t FX30 specific. The FX30 has dnsmasq 2.71 already, but if you really need to build, try using the legato-spm for the FX30 target: … egato_spm/



I wasn’t in the discussions about strategies of this project but It seems they choosed to build the system image with yocto for portability reasons.

Hi Al,
No problem, let me know if you need any more support on this. When you follow the legato-spm FX30 build procedure, you’ll find there is a yocto recipe for dnsmasq already in the workspace:

The source path in your workspace is:


Best regards,