Power consumption per data message

Hi everyone,

I’m developing a data logger which should have a battery supply. It doesn’t need to be fast it just need to live long :slight_smile:, minimum 5 years.
So I’m considering a low power 2G wireless module, like the SL6087. (can anyone suggest better one?) I have read data sheets and customer guidelines but I still have problem estimating power consumption.
I’m planing to switch off module while not transmitting, but how can I estimate consumption while sending/receiving data? For example, If I want to send 100 kB per day, once a day, how much it is going to cost me in mAh? Let’s assume signal strength of -95dBm.
How can I calculate power consumption per message (mAh/kB ratio)?


A battery stores energy - not power.

So what you need to determine is the energy used per data message.

Probably your best bet is to measure it - ideally with something like this:


Thank you for your replay, but as I said I need to calculate it since I’m still considering which module should I use.
Regarding energy/power, it was a mistake, as you can see I have used mAh, not W.