Porting MQTT on sierra wireless


We have sierra wireless hardware FX100. We need to port MQTT and modbus.
Is it already supported in this device or do we need to port it from the begining?

There was a demo of this at the Developer Day this year - I thought the code was going to be posted… :question:

Developer Day 2014:

developer.sierrawireless.com/Blo … _2014.aspx

Afternoon technical track presentations:

developer.sierrawireless.com/Res … tions.aspx - login required

Presentation slides: AirVantage-1-HowtoSendDataToAVEPWithMQTT (4.1MB)

But I don’t know where the code is?

Take a look on the AirVantage documentation site:

doc.airvantage.net/display/USER … ceive+data

ok thank you…

Can I know how to create a library and call that in an openAT application?

That’s an entirely different question - so start a new thread!

But, before doing that, have you looked through the Developer Studio documentation :question:

The most appropriate forum would be Development tools

Should be available “soon” - see: https://forum.sierrawireless.com/t/modbus-and-mqtt-in-openat/7453/3

Hi all,

you can get the MQTT sample for Open AT here:

  1. Go on airvantage.github.io/
  2. Click on Examples

It is a simulated greenhouse and send temperature/humidity to AirVantage.


Here: github.com/rjacolin/MQTTOpenATSample

The code says,

But that URL does not exist!


Can you plz confirm whether subscribing part will work in openAT or not?


yes, the subscription part works with the following restrictions: when AirVantage will notify data writing/command, all the data type are not supported for the data to write or for the parameters. Nevertheless, you can improve easily this sample to support new type.

Hello awneil,

thanks for the feedback. I will contact the correct person about this issue.

About Licence, you have a LICENCE file in the github repository. You can freely use and modify the sample for your application.


Hi Rjacolin,

For MQTT the subscribe part will only work with Airvatange …? I am using our own server machine to send the data, but the subscribe part can read the data only once and display it properly. from the second time it can able to read the data, but MQTT data is not parsed properly, so callback function also not getting called from the 2nd time.

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