, persist.load() between 2 applications

ALEOS Version 4.9.4

I am successfully using and persist.load() to save configuration data to non-volatile storage.

However, I am trying to access the same data from 2 ALEOS applications, unsuccessfully. What is the scope of the naming of the objects? Is it possible for 2 or more ALEOS applications to access the same persistent storage?



Hi @pcomb314, obj)

Saves an object for later retrieval.
If the saving operation cannot be performed successfully, an error is thrown. Objects saved with this function can be retrieved with #persist.load, by giving back the same name, even after a reboot.
name : the name of the persisted object to save.
obj : the object to persist.

#### Usage: ('xxx', 1357) -- Save it in the store as 'xxx'
 [...] -- reboot
 x = persist.load 'xxx' -- Retrieve it from the store
 assert(x == 1357)


Retrieve from flash an object saved with
name : the name of the persisted object to load.
Return value
the object stored under that name, or nil if no such object exists.

No, it isn’t.

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Thanks for the response.