PAP/CHAP authentication MC7354/MC7304


Im trying to figure out how can i set PAP/CHAP authentication using AT_COMMANDS.
according to AirPrime MC73XX-8805 AT Command Reference_V4 manual:
this is the only referecnce to PAP/CHAP option:
• “WIN7MBOPTIONS”—Configure Windows7 MB options.
• Bit 0: Hide profile
0=Default behavior
1=Force OSP to hide all profiles from host
• Bit 1: Connect Auth Type Re-map
0=‘NONE’ from host maps to CHAP or PAP if UN and/or PWD present
1=‘NONE’ from host maps only to PAP if UN and/or PWD present

I googled next command - AT$QCPDPP (it seems that its working when i use it) that is used to set PAP/CHAP but didn’t find any reference to it in sierra official manual.

So what is the correct way to set authentication type?
Any help will be highly appreciated !

Best Regards

AT$QCPDPP can do it