No device in /dev directory

Hi all,

I really hope that this topic hasn’t been posted yet, but searching around I was pretty unsuccessful… I’m using fedora 20 with linux kernel 3.11 and a MC7354 with the Sierra Wireless Dev kit. I want to use the libqmi and the userspace commands from qmicli, however plugging in the dev kit and doing a modprobe qmi_wwan is not creating the cdc_wdmx in the /dev directory or even the ttyUSBx for that matter. I’ve also tried to add the cd-wdm module, cdc_ether, sierra, and sierra_net modules, but to no avail… Outputting the usb-devices shows that there is no driver attached to the usb device listed as being Sierra Wireless. Doing the rpm -qa | grep libqmi command returns that libqmi-utils and libqmi are at version 1.6.0-1, which is the latest in the fedora repository. Any advice is appreciated…


Hi RM,

The VID/PID for MC7354 was added recently in kernel, e.g.

Please try update the driver or use driver directly from Sierra, and it should works.