Newbie questions regarding AirLink GX400 with IO module

Hello! I’m new to the SWI product lines and have a GX400 with the IO module option (discrete/analog, second RS232). For my particular application, I’d like to be able to do the following:

  • Turn on/off the modem radio
  • Turn on/off a single discrete output

I was thinking that this could be implemented with an embedded application on the modem utilizing the second serial port to receive custom commands, but I’ve never developed one for this platform (I’ve got tons of embedded RTOS development experience with C/C++, so this doesn’t frighten me). Can someone provide me some wisdom on how to get started?

In addition, I need to lock down the entire modem from configuration changes (i.e. prevent connection to ACEManager) except for via direct connection to the primary serial port on the modem.

Thanks so much for any guidance that is provided.

Hi John,

This question will be best answer by your reseller/distributor. If you are unsure who your reseller/distributor is please fill in the forum below.

OK. Trying that now. I didn’t know that the reseller provided tech support for it.