Need help connecting VPN

Trying to connect Airlink ES450 IPSec VPN to Synology NAS vpn. Any help is appreciated

Hi jfilley,
To configure IPSec VPN for ES450, In ACEmanager, go to VPN:

  • Select VPN1 or 2/3/4/5
  • In the VPN Type field, select IPsec Tunnel
  • Set up Synology NAS Server IP in " VPN Gateway Address"
  • Set pre-shared key: the same as key on server
  • IKE encryption algorithm/ IKE authentication algorithm/ IKE key group : the same as configuration on server
  • Local address and netmask: the subnet under ES450
  • Remote address and netmask: the subnet at remote site
    Once configuration is completed, Set VPN Policy button

For more details, you can find the user guide in this document


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