Multiple AT channels in AT!UDUSBCOMP?

I have a need to use 2 AT channels on a device:
one for PPP and,
another one to essentially run AT!GSTATUS? etc.

The current options in AT!UDUSBCOMP=? show some “custom” possibilities…but the AT docs kinda don’t talk about how to create your own “USB composition”. Or how the “profiles” work with the MC7354. So hard to know if this is possible…

I’m mainly concerned about the MC7354 model since we still have a bunch of them. But if this can work on the MC7455 or newer, that be good to know.


Will you consider cmux to create two AT command channels?

Perhaps - I didn’t know it existed until I looked more at the docs. :slight_smile:

The underlying problem is I don’t have access to change the OS…which is why I can’t just use QMI or MBIM. So I need PPP for internet access but need another USB channel to read tower/signal since we use directional antennas sometimes, we have to drop the PPP link to then read the needed values.

Totally open, but how would CMUX help if I can’t change the OS?

You can use at! scact=1,1 to start the data connection or you can use qmi channel to read signal

Thanks jyi jyi… but I get an CME error if I try to use that in the connection sequence. The device does support DirectIP/cdc_ecm, but the MC7354 module doesn’t – or I haven’t figured out how to enable DIP on my sierra modem.

The MC71xx supported DirectIP/ecm out-of-the-box but I’ve never found a way to enabled on the MC73xx or MC73xx modules, which is why I’ve used PPP. I wish I could use DIP as that’s support by the OS!

Other people seems don’t have problem onn at! scact command