Multi-IMSI supported modems


I would like to know about Multi-IMSI support in Sierra Wireless modems.

For test, we bought modems: MC8705 , MC7304, MC7455.
We will connect them to board from and use them in linux using ModemManager. We use as Multi-IMSI sim card provider. Furthermore, we had quite few problems using some other modems.

All of providers we rely on have a lists of supported modems:
ModemManager: SupportedDevices
EmbeddedPI: 3G/4G Modem Documentation - MyPi Industrial Raspberry Pi

1. Is there a list with Multi-IMSI supported modems?
2. Do modems we bought support Multi-IMSI? If not, what modems should we buy?
3. Is there anything we should know/buy/setup to have smooth and simple experience developing our board with Multi-IMSI cards using described setup (Emnify, EmbeddedPI, ModemManager, Multi-IMSI, Linux, …)?


Wide open question. In short no there isn’t a list as there are a lot of variables (this is a slightly technical answer rather than a marketing answer which would simply be ‘all of our currently shipping units’). So a few points.

  • The 8705 and 7304 are now out of manufacture and have been for quite some time. They almost certainly don’t support this functionality.
  • The 7455 does generically support it (it works with our SmartSIM) and I know it works with others.
  • All of the devices listed on the source under the banner ‘Recommended for new designs’ should also support multi IMSI.