MTBF Values

I’m working on a project where I need to quote an MTBF for these. I can;t find information - can anybody help please?

Hi @chris.wiser,
Please share the information below
Which module you are interested in? Which version it is using? which service you want to know the time between failure?

I’m interested in the MC7430. I plan on using it as a cellular interface for an unattended system.
I would like an MTBF figure in that configuration.

I am also considering using the GPS I/P also to use the module then as a location service. Bringing more components into this equation I guess descreases the MTBF but would like one anyway to assess.
If you could help with the above it would be much appreciated.
Equally, I believe Sierra Wireless / Air Prime offer some back-office service to track these devices on a map in the UK. If you have any details on this, that would be great.
Thanks and hope to hear back soon


So MTBF documents/figures are available to customers through normal support channels via our distributors, if you contact one of them then they will be able to get hold of the documentation you are asking for.

With regards the GNSS.

  • Using it does not have an impact on the MTBF figures.
  • Re the service question the simple answer is no we do not offer a service which locates these on a map. We have a number of other services available airtime, Octave (not on MC/EM, etc but a location service for the MC’s is not one of them.