Merry Christmas!


[size=150]Christmas Greetings with the view from my window this morning:[/size]


Merry Christmas to all from Sunny Brisbane!

And I can assure everyone that the view from my window looks nothing like the view from awneils! It was about 25 Celcius here at 7:00am…

Can we swap?

ciao, Dave


Merry Christmas to you guys… the same thing here David in deep Texas no snow


More snow here today!

[attachment=0]2009-12-21 Snow 008a.jpg[/attachment]


Hiya awneil,

Has the novelty of christmas snow worn off yet?

I would still like to swap some 30 degree/78% humidity for some snow…

ciao, Dave


Merry Christmas you guys !

And a happy new year ! :smiley: