MCP7304 apply nvu file

I’m trying to apply this GPS fix to our MCP7304 modems:

We have to use linux for the update since the modem is built into an embedded system. There are no instructions on how to apply the fix, but searching around suggests I can run:
$ ./fwdldarm -s /usr/sbin/slqssdk -d 9x15 -p path_to_nvu_file

This throws the error:
Error: Could not get details from the firmware image at the path: path_to_nvu_file
Code: 59393

This imples the fwdldarm command isn’t the way to do this? How do I apply the fix?


Can you try on linux pc first?

I don’t see problem with sample application Firmware_Download with single .nvu.
Please see below:

owner@CNHKG-EX-001367:~/QMI/SLQS04.00.13/SampleApps/Firmware_Download$ sudo ./bin/fwdldhostx86_64 -s …/…/build/bin/hostx86_64/slqssdk -d 9x15 -p /home/owner/Desktop/MC7354_FW/MC73xx_GPS_Rollover_2019_NVU/
Detecting USB of the target
Communicating with the target
Switching to firmware download mode
Downloading the firmware
Rebooting the module
Firmware Download SUCCESS

I have no way to connect the modem to a linux PC unfortunately.
But looking at the fwdld code fdDld_9x15.c it looks as though firmware directory needs to contain both the NVU file AND the firmware SPX file? That’s seems a bit odd.
If I do put in the SPX file matching the firware currently on the modem, I then get a generic “firmware upgrade failed” error.
I may need to start adding debug to the fwdld code.


I only put the .nvu file in the folder

In case someone else reads this, the problem I had was that earlier versions of SLQS (and hence fwdld) require both the firmware file AND the nvu file to be present.
For SLQS04, only the nvu file is needed, and so that version of fwdld can be run.