MC8355 Offline without Callback

We’re working with the MC8355 using firmware version D3600-STSUVHZ-1579 (Verizon) and seems to be having persistent problems where the device will go offline, but not fire the session state callback. Also, calls to GetSessionState are returning the 2 (session up). However, when we attempt to poll the IP address using udhcpc (dhcp client), it doesn’t respond.

Then we force a disconnect (and subsequently get the session state callback fired with disconnected), it won’t allow a reconnect without cycling the RF.

We’re using a connection manager similar to the one provided in SDK 1.09.04, which is the SDK we’re currently operating off of. Any ideas?


In the QMI SDK,it is mentioned that for states : suspended state is not supported.

so the callback is not called for sessionstatecallback()API.


How is it possible to tell the session state is suspended?