MC7455 RMA Reset Issue

We are using MC7455, for some of our test we had to do RMA reset of the device. After RMA RESET we see that device fallback to GENERIC image instead of Verizon image. Hence test are failing. How do we make the verizon image persistent? Why is it falling back to GENERIC image? Do we need to enable any setting?


preferred fw version:
preferred carrier name: VERIZON
preferred config name: VERIZON_002.052_000
current fw version:
current carrier name: VERIZON
current config name: VERIZON_002.052_000

FW 1 GOOD 4 0 0 ??
FW 2 GOOD 1 0 0 ??
FW 3 GOOD 1 0 0 ??
FW 4 GOOD 5 0 0 ??
Max FW images: 4
Active FW image is at slot 4

PRI FF GOOD 0 0 0 002.009_001
PRI FF GOOD 0 0 0 002.007_001
PRI FF GOOD 0 0 0 002.012_001
PRI FF GOOD 0 0 0 002.052_000
Max PRI images: 50


The AT!RMARESET=1 will set the module reset to the default SKU configuration as it came out of the factory. You will then need to set the Verizon image using AT!IMPREF=“VERIZON”


Thanks for the reply, that clarifies why its going to Generic Image.

For Verizon certification, we have requirement for doing RMA Reset of the device so that all inbuilt profiles are re-populated. But when we do RMARESET, image always fallback to GENERIC, hence test will fail. We also see that even the Verizon FW which was uploaded gets deleted.

Hence, we would need a workaround to get away with this problem. Any ideas/suggestion?


I am not aware of a requirement to perform an ‘RMA reset’ in Verizon certification. Verizon is not really aware of this mechanism. The easiest way (possibly) would be to reload the Verizon PRI file for the approved version you currently have on the unit (assuming you are currently running a Verizon approved firmware).

Alternatively order a Verizon unit from us then its default state would be Verizon (I guess).



Verizon does have a requirement for factory reset of the module but this should only be required testing at the certified Verizon lab (7 Layers, Intertek, PC Test, etc.). All the labs should have the Sierra Wireless released EM/MC7455 Lab Support Manual that they need to follow for setting the module for testing. I looked into the latest lab support manual and you should no longer need to issue AT!RMARESET. There is an unpublished AT command that is use for the carrier reset in order to perform the Motive and OTADM testing.

Which lab are you using? Are you working with a direct account manager here at Sierra Wireless? Or, are you working with a distributor?


We are using SGS lab and from test cases (OTADM) we inferred that RMA reset would be required. Hence the question.
We are not using Verizon unit from Sierra, all unit comes with generic and based on customer requirement we upgrade FW to Verizon/ATT etc.

Is it possible to share the unpublished AT command for Carrier Reset? We can give it a try. We do have extended AT command manual, but didn’t find anything.

You should not need me to provide you any unpublished AT commands as I know the SGS Labs well and they should have the Lab Support Manual. Are you working with the SGS Labs in San Diego? I can provide you this command but first you should bring the lab engineer into this discussion. Also, are you working with a North American-based distributor? Or, are you a direct Sierra Wireless account?

Thanks I will check and get back with SGS engineer on same. Thanks for your help.

Hello @jleitner
In the case of RC76XX modules, when we install a new carrier config with a firmware version newer than the factory installed.
The original firmware gets overwritten by the new firmware.

  1. After that, by chance, if we do RMA reset, the device tends to load factory-installed firmware and PRI, which in turn the device into LOW POWER MODE (LPM)
  2. Also when we try to select the old PRI which has no supported firmware, the device turns into LPM.

Is this a known issue in RC7XX modules?