MC7430 GPIO Control


I want to be able to control the GPIO pins of the MC7430, but can’t see how i’m supposed to do this outside of the AT!ANTSEL command?

I’m currently unable to validate the use of the AT!ANTSEL commands as I do not know the default password for the device, but it also seems like the wrong command to use to toggle the state of a GPIO.

Thanks in advance for any help you can provide.


The default password is at!entercnd=“A710” its quite easy to find in the forum if you look for it.

Re the GPIO/Antsel what are you trying to achieve?



Hi Matt,

Thanks for the password.

We’ve developed our own “mother” board that the MC7430 sits in, though our electronic engineer designed it with the MC7304 in mind, however that modem wasn’t readily available for us to test.

We’d like to use GPIO3+4 as just that, GPIO. More specifically, outputs, as they’ve been wired to up to transistors to turn LEDs on and off.

I’d like to be able to control these via AT commands (or by other means if possible).

I’ve also tried +WIOR and +WIOW commands though these return “NOT IMPLEMENTED”.

I’ll try the ANTSEL command but would this have any other implications if I were to use this?

Thanks again,