MC7354 auto reset when check by command "ATI3"

I have a MC7354,it will auto reset when check by command “ATI3”.

No response------------>auto reset happened.


Src: FatalError
Dat: 00000000
Str: ATQCGMM: missing product model string
Fmt: ATQCGMM: missing product model string
00000000 00000000 00000000 00000000
Task: DS
Time: 00035A2F
R0: 436E5FC9 R1: 00000000 R2: 00000000 R3: 436F54E8 R4: 00000001
R5: 00000050 R6: 454BDA90 R7: 00000000 R8: 0000FFFF R9: 00000000
R10: 65746172 R11: 28200064 R12: 65746172 R13: 28200064 R14: 477FE2EF
R15: BB8E3D15 R16: 436E5FC9 R17: 00000000 R18: 44AEEF6C R19: 4471C2C0
R20: 43608B1C R21: 00000000 R22: 45269328 R23: 452664B8 R24: 4527A7F0
R25: 454BDB80 R26: 454BDB68 R27: 454BDB70 R28: 000003E8 SP: 454BDA98
FP: 454BDAA0 LR: 41F186B0
PC: 41F540CC
CPSR: 00008000
Mod: Unknown
Ctr: ARM, IRQ dis,FIQ dis
4471BC48 4471BC80 454BDAB8 41F1876C 00000007 436F54E0 4471C2EC
4471BC48 454BDB30 41F188C8 4471BC80 43612338 44AEFF70 43612350
454BDAF0 41E1BAA0 4471C288 3E49EF52 4527A7F0 454BDB80 45269328
452664B8 44AEFF70 43612350 00000000 43334AE0 00000001 00000000
454BDB30 3E49EF52 45269328 452664B8


What’s the fatal error meaning?
What’s the possible rootcause? Thanks~

I will suggest to consult sierra wireless technical team for this issue. But before that did you try changing the firmware?
i suspect the firmware installation is not proper which is causing the issue… you can have a try


Hi Alex,

I’ve reflashed the FW,but the problem is same as before until I changed the MDM9615.


So only with one particular module you are facing this issue?
Is the issue with only ati3 command? Did you try AT+GMR or AT+CGMR commands?