MC 7455 Raspberry Pi


I have a MC 7455, and all the software on Sierra site are unable to install to raspberry pi 3, but I have access to the AT command, for some twitst I only had wwan0, unlike others have wwan0 and wwan1. and with no internet connection what so ever.
Wondering whats the minimum software required for this MC 7455 to run.



Obviously it depends on what you have running on the Pi and what is included in the OS (as it my or may not include the open source drivers) but generically speaking we would generally recommend that you cross compile the drivers into the OS.,-d-,31n2,-d-,50/

After this they should enumerate properly and you will see all of the /dev/ttyUSB ports and the /dev/qcqmi and eth interfaces.

After that its down to how you want to driver it, either through the AT commands (easiest) or the QMI interface (more integrated but harder).





I see now. The problem I have right now is I can’t get GobiNet install on raspberry pi, that when I make and make install it alway outputs pages of errors like that

The GobiSerial has been make with no errors.




Yes you need to cross compile it, I have never managed to get it to make/install within the OS.





I found this command from Sierra site. I’m not sure what you mean by cross compile. Can you help me out with that?




The make/make install commands are good for full Linux systems i.e. an Ubuntu laptop but not necessarily for an embedded system like an RPi where you might need to cross compile the OS and then re load it onto your system.




FYI: The errors shown are independent of platform. The current GobiNet is not compatible with Linux kernel versions > v4.13. I assume this will be fixed in the next release of the driver.

You can temporarily work around the issue by using this hack:

diff --git a/GobiNet/QMIDevice.c b/GobiNet/QMIDevice.c
index a73006b3b76a..076cdb1dc812 100755
--- a/GobiNet/QMIDevice.c
+++ b/GobiNet/QMIDevice.c
@@ -126,6 +126,13 @@ POSSIBILITY OF SUCH DAMAGE.
 #include <net/sch_generic.h>
 #include <linux/if_arp.h>
+//#include <asm/atomic.h>
+#include <linux/sched/signal.h>
+#define atomic_t refcount_t
+#define atomic_read refcount_read
 #warning "Fix compilation error 'include/linux/compat.h:233: error: in /usr/src/linux-headers-2.6.35-22-generic/include/linux/compat.h, line 233, the variable name of second parameter,  replace *u32 to *u"

but that’s not something I’d recommend. The recommended solutions are one of
a) downgrade the kernel to v4.13 or earlier (preferably to an LTS version like v4.9.x)
b) wait until Sierra Wireless releases a new version of GobiNet
c) use qmi_wwan