Max allowable parameters for adl_atCmdSubscribe

What’s the max allowable number of parameters for a custom AT command of type ADL_CMD_TYPE_PARA? If it’s more than 10 how does one go about defining a max number of more than 10? Syntax for defining the max and min number of parameters is |0x00ab where ‘a’ is the max and ‘b’ is the min. How would I write this operator if I wanted an upper limit of 15 and lower limit of 12?


One could assume that you’d use A-F for 10-15 as the 0x00ab is hexadecimal.

Thanks Tobias. You’re right - 0x00f1 allows a minimum of 1 and maximum of 15 parameters. Any thoughts how to go beyond 15, for example if I wanted a minimum of 1 and a maximum of 50? I believe 50 is represented as 32… I’m not sure how this would fit the 0x00ab format

To go beyond 15 parameters, you’ll have to use ADL_CMD_TYPE_ROOT or ADL_CMD_TYPE_ROOT_EXT and parse the whole command on your own.