Making AT!SELRAT persistent

I want to force my SL808xT modem to only connect in 3G mode, and never 2G.

This is easy to set with AT!SELRAT=01 but the setting does not persist across restarts.

I’ve checked the AT commands guides and I couldn’t see any alternative setting that is saved to the flash memory.

Is there any way of forcing the modem to only connect in 3G mode in a way that applies across restarts?



Hi Dave,

For SL808xT, please make use of +WWSM command, e.g. AT+WWSM=1 to force 3G only mode.

Configuration will be saved automatically and persistent.
Please refer to document id 4112152, AT cmd guide of SL808xT for info.


Perfect, thank you! No idea how I missed that command in the document.