LS300 modem dies. Can we DIY replacing a new one?

We have a LS300 modem which constantly submit messages outbound from a large sewage treatment system.
Recently the modem dies.
As there is no such modem on the market, we would like to look for alternatives.

May I ask:

  • if we purchase the same brand modem, will it work automatically after inserting the SIM card to the new modem and connecting everything?
  • will it need any “configuration”?
  • will it need any “special configuration” that can only be done by the supplier?


Hi @wayneljw
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You can use AirLink RV50X to replace AirLink LS300
Please refer to the documents about Airlink RV50X following the link below:

  1. AirLink RV Series Hardware User Guide:
  2. AirLink RV50/RV50X Software Configuration Guide:

You said: “inserting the SIM card to the new modem and connecting everything”. Do you mean connect to network?
If not, Please describe clearly the configuration you want so I can help you further.


Thank you @jerdung . “Connect everything” means: connect the power supply, ethernet cable, and the antenna cable.

The old “power supply, ethernet cable, and the antenna cable” are fixed inside the panel and are not easy to remove/install. I wonder if the AirLink RV50X uses the same type of power supply and antenna cable.