Listening DTMF and audio Call RX simulaneously



It is possibile to listen DTMF and audio Call Rx at the same time?

regarding my code:

Ret_Rec = adl_audioStreamListen( handle_Rec, ADL_AUDIO_PCM_MONO_8K_16B, MyLowLevelIrqHandle_Rec,
MyHighLevelIrqHandle_Rec, pStreamBuffer);
RetRecDTMF = adl_audioStreamListen( handleRecDTMF, ADL_AUDIO_DTMF, MyLowLevelIrqHandleDTMF,
MyHighLevelIrqHandleDTMF, StreamBufferRecDTMF);
TRACE (( 1, “Ret_Rec listening: %d RetRecDTMF listening %d”,Ret_Rec,RetRecDTMF ));

Traces shows that the first AudioStreamListen succeed but the second one doesn’t
Trace: Ret_Rec listening: 0 RetRecDTMF listening -3

ERROR -3 returned by second AudioStreamListen function means ADL_RET_ERR_BAD_STATE that if an audio stream is listening or audio signal is playing on the required audio resource (ADL user guide) i think this is normal because i’m already listening call RX

How can i do to listening DTMF and Audio CALL RX simultaneously ?
Because i need to record AUDIO from CALL RX resource and stop recording when i receive a DTMF.

Thank you for attention.


Nobody has done as such application?


Remember that this is a free user forum.

If you want priority support for your project, then you will need to hire a consultant.

Have you spoken to your Distributor or SiWi FAE about this?


I don’t ask priority, my question was a normal problem as all adhérants in this forum.

Yes, i already asked support of SiWi but they don’t answer to such as questions.


So why do you nag when you get no reply after only 3 working days?

The usual support route is through your Distributor.