+KNETSCAN : PLMN list in alphanumeric format

For an embedded application, I’m trying to use the +KNETSCAN to obtain the list of all available networks in the installation area to help the customer to choose the best network operator to maximize the chance to transfer data (sms/gprs).
I want to display the name of all available operators with the associated rssi level.
I use the KNETSCAN command successfully, it returns me the list of all the GSM and UMTS cells and for each one among other things : PLMN (MCC+MNC) and signal level.
The question is : how can I get the the intelligible name of all available operators with the PLMN displayed? Like obtained with the +COPS when the modem is connected with an operator SIM card.
The device can be used in several countries and the full list of mcc/mnc/name exceeds 1600 lines to cover the whole world.
Is this list contained in the modem? If so, how to get the alphanumeric format for each listed operator?
If not, is there any common way to include this function is an embedded system?

Thanks for your feedback!

I have the same issue, Do SW staff any update in this case?


The survey command will only return the MNC/MCC of the cells it can see it will not decode the BCCH information for the names that would be displayed as this would take too long (it takes long enough as it is). There are no plans to implement this.

Best this to do would be to take the MNC/MCC list from Wikipedia, store it on your application, you can then match the name to the codes you get back and display as you wish.



Hi all,

Besides the Wikipedia, I think you can check by AT+COPS(Read Operator Name) as well.

+COPN: “20201”,“GR COSMOTE”
+COPN: “20205”,“vodafone GR”
+COPN: “20209”,“WIND GR”
+COPN: “20210”,“WIND GR”
+COPN: “20402”,“Tele2 NL”
+COPN: “20403”,“MVNO NL”
+COPN: “20404”,“vodafone NL”
+COPN: “20408”,“NL KPN”
+COPN: “20409”,“Lycamobile”