Kernel Exception ( afxtempl line 666)

Hi ppl,

When running in RTE mode, sometimes I got following exception:


Exception occurs randomly (even on samples)… That makes testing difficult because I have to restart app always…

Any ideas ?

Even i sometimes get this error and I think this is a generic problem faced using VC++. For me, the “Ignore” button works. Did you try that out?

Regarding the assertion failures, i have got this information from various blogs over the internet :

“The VC++ libraries have included several assertion statements to make sure the integrity of the code. These assertions are expected to be fulfilled at particular point during execution. If that does not happen, then the pop-up error occurs. These assertion statements usually check the memory violations in the code.”

May be there is a memory violation in your code? Did you try to debug and find out the code that causes the problem?