+KCELL=1 UMTS tower documentation seems invalid or missing

I am running +KCELL=1 in a loop and wrote a parsing engine for it. GSM parsinglooks OK, but UMTS has frequent failures based on values outside of what is specified in the AT Guide (version 19) for the HL8548.

UMTS is occasionally failing on LAC (value > 0xFFFF, it reports fffffd9d) or the scrambling code (value < 512 and seeing ffff). Maybe GSM had more tests that provided the “not available” for 255 values and UMTS did not have the same characterization?

On some occasions multiple UMTS serving cells are reporting in a single +KCELL=1. I have not seen this with GSM. Is this because UMTS allows multi-connect?

Radio firmware: RHL85xx.


Tryto answer some of the Q’s.

  • A lot of the system information in 2G is not available in 3G and even if it is technically available it might not be transmitted that often so you will see more holes in it than with 2G.
  • The UMTS serving cell thing, yes this will probably be down to the fact that the unit can talk to multiple cells at any one given time.



Thanks Matt. I am OK with the holes if the “max value” was provided in the AT Guide. Unfortunately, I made assumptions on the size of the return based and storage optimization.

I thought returns were 16-bit, but some turned out to be 32-bit. The GSM documentation is pretty clear on “not available/invalid” will be 255 or 65535, but UMTS does not have the same definitions.